Cotton Bras

In the quest of finding the right bra for yourself, the fabric should be the top consideration. Because it’s the fabric that gives the shape, support, and comfort. Among all the fabrics cotton is the most popular one used for bras and ladies undergarments. Most women in Pakistan love everyday cotton bras because of their numerous benefits.

Cotton bras are made of a natural material derived from the cotton plant. They are comfortable, long-lasting, absorbent and machine washable, although it still is never recommended to throw your bras into the machines.  You can read more about in our Guide “How to Wash, Dry & Store Undergarments“.

As s regular user of cotton bras, you may have observed that they tend to lose shape after a couple of wash. Cotton doesn’t have stretchability and doesn’t revert when stretched. That’s why lingerie manufacturers use blended fabric to support stretch that helps bra retaining its shape. Apart from this cotton bras, in general, are soft, non-irritant, durable and economical too.

At, we have a good range of cotton bra designs which you can pair with cotton panties as well.  Skin, white and black are the most demanding colors and we have tried to stock them all.  Buying cotton bra online in Pakistan has never been easier than this, simply put your desired bra design in your cart, select the size and Checkout. We deliver all over Pakistan and according to your location, it may take 3-5 days to reach. We are here to help you choose the right bra if you need any assistance do contact us.