About Us

Thank you very much for reaching us. I am glad that you are here.

woomen.pk is an online lingerie store for a woman like me, you and others around us who don’t feel comfortable buying undergarments from the local store. As many of us don’t have the privilege to visit selective stores where we can buy the most important piece of garment in privacy. Do we have any other options?

I started my search on the internet and found some sites locally who are selling lingerie online. I can’t stand those sites because of nudity, and exotic models picture those are not only disrespectful but also can’t fit into our norms.

I requested my husband who is an IT expert to build me a website where a woman like me and you can browse, view and order undergarments at the comfort of our homes.

Feel free to look around and if you need any help, please contact our customer support. I wish you very pleasant shopping experience at woomen.pk