Padded Bras

Padded bras are the first and the foremost choice of women who want to add fullness to their bust. These bras have foam padding inside the cup lining and are designed to enhance the breast size.

There are many types of padded bras available in the undergarments market. Some have a single layer of fine foam and some have a double layer of padding to improve the contour of the bust. Few have removable foam cups and some are molded during the bra manufacturing process.

There are many reasons to choose a padded bra over a non-padded bra.

  • Women with a smaller bust can achieve a full and firm rounded look with a double padded bra.
  • Those who have mismatched and prominent size difference in breasts can opt the removable padded bra. To match the volume of each side, remove the pad from the other side.
  • Those who have a sagging problem can use the light-pad or molded cup bra. They can improve dramatically the firmness and roundness of the bust.

Padded bras tend to be more fragile and need little more attention. You can easily damage the foam padding and ruin the adorable bra. We have created a special guide on “How to Take Care of Your Bra” please read it to improve the life span of your bras.

Not one bra type can fit all women that’s why there are so many varieties available. Whatever the style and needs you have, we have got you covered. Shopping padded bras online in Pakistan has never been easier than this, scroll through the list of available bras and put your desired bra in your cart, select the size and Checkout.

We deliver all over Pakistan and according to your location, it may take 3-5 days to reach. We are here to help you choose the right bra if you need any assistance do contact us.